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Langham adjustable bed raiser

Designed for raise beds with legs (no castors)
Two sets of linked moulded blocks are adjustable in height using the inserts supplied. Height raise 21/2” to 41/2” (65 to 120mm). Two versions available, suitable for either a single or a double bed.
  • Maximum Load 75 stone (476kg)
Minimum dimensions
Maximum dimensions
Max load
Langham adjustable bed raiser-single (LINK325)
610x190x160mm (24x7.5x6.25")
890x190x160mm (35x7.5x6.25")
476kg (75st)
Langham adjustable bed raiser-double (LINK345)
930x190x160mm (36.5x7.5x6.25")
1470x190x160mm (58x7.5x6.25")
476kg (75st)

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