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The Microhottie couldn’t be simpler to use, it microwaves in minutes and stays warm for long periods  

  • Safer than traditional hot water bottles- no tricky filling with boiling water
  • Provides comfort and warmth
  • Soft cover is insulating and releases heat gently for longer lasting comfort and warmth
  • The Microhottie has it's water safely absorbed into special material, permanently sealed in the thermal pack to avoid leaks, splashes or spills
  • All microwaves are different- they vary in power rating, efficiency and evenness of heating; to get the best from your Microhottie follow the accompanying instructions carefully.
  • Designed for microwave heating ONLY. NOT suitable for freezing. 
  • Measures 22 x 24cm.

Microhottie (From: £13.00 inc VAT )

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