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Handybar Support Handle

A unique portable product, the Handybar is simply clamped into the “U” shaped plate on the car doorframe, providing assistance and leverage as you get out of the vehicle.
  • Offers independence, security, as well as emergency features
  • At just 9” (229mm) long it is compact enough to store in the glove compartment of a vehicle
  • Incorporates two emergency features for use in the event of an accident - a side window breaker and an integrated seatbelt cutter

Tip! Many customers find this Handybar and the Deluxe Swivel Cushion (MOVE724- see link below) are a great combination for easier car transfers.

If you meet the qualifying criteria then you are eligible for VAT relief on this product.

Handybar Support Handle (From: £32.99 ex VAT | £39.59 inc VAT )

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