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Dycem® non-slip mats

Dycem® is the original non-slip surface, providing immense grip on dry slippery surfaces such as tables, worktops and dinner trays. Tough enough to withstand years of use, and easy to wash in warm soapy water. Dycem® mats are ideal:
  • To hold plates, cups and glasses securely in place whilst eating and drinking
  • To hold mixing bowls and chopping boards firmly in place to make preparing foods easier
  • Used with jar openers for extra ease and efficiency, and enabling one handed jar opening
  • Placed on tabletops to prevent household objects from slipping whilst in use (telephones, notepads)

See these mats in use on the video link below....


Dycem® non slip material is also available in rolls to cut to any shape or size.


Dycem® non-slip mats (From: £7.00 inc VAT )

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