• Selecting the correct size ferrule

    Sticks and walking frames need to be checked visually at regular intervals to ensure the ferrule does not need replacing; if the edges or base appear worn, then the ferrule should be renewed.

    Different sizes of ferrule are available to fit different shafts of walking sticks, walking frames and crutches.

    You will also see in our range we describe two different styles of ferrule:- Black “D Type” and Grey “Z Type”

    D Type ferrules generally come in smaller diameters, and are regularly used on sticks. Z Type ferrules generally come in larger diameters, and can be used on some sticks, on walking frames and crutches.

    To determine the ferrule size required, measure the shaft of the stick or frame; it is likely to measure between 18mm and 25mm depending on the stick or frame type. Alternatively, measure the inner diameter of the ferrule you have removed.

    The chart below will assist you if you are replacing ferrules on a stick, crutches or walking frame purchased from us.

    Product Type Our Product Codes Ferrule Size Required Ferrule Type Ferrule Product Codes
    Wooden walking stick STIC236
    19mm Black “D” Type FERR219
    Fischer Sticks (including folding versions) STIC200
    All 18mm Black “D” Type FERR218
    Aluminium Stick STIC300
    22mm Grey “Z” Type FERR222
    Tripod Adjustable Stick STIC504 16mm Grey “Z” Type COOP-9768C
    Quad Stick QUAD501 16mm Grey “Z” Type COOP-9768C
    White Epsom walking stick STIC502
    19mm Black "D" Type FERR219
    Adjustable coloured walking stick from Kowsky STIC505 through to STIC565 16mm Black “D” Type XKOW-17115
    Ergonomic, Soft Grip, Full Cuff Crutches CRUT500-504, and
    19mm Coloured ferrule- grey, red, black, blue, turquoise XREB-state colour
    Walking Frames (non folding) WFR7341C
    25mm Grey “Z” Type FERR225