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Viscoflex Mattress Overlay

Struggling to get comfortable on your existing mattress?

Superior quality Mattress Overlay/ Topper which can be positioned on top of your existing mattress to improve comfort and provide excellent pressure relief

Viscoflex® is exceptional quality viscoelastic foam with memory properties; it precisely moulds to the body and increases the body surface in contact with the mattress. This improves pressure distribution and blood circulation whilst in bed

• Rejuvenate your existing mattress
• Improve comfort and stability in bed
• Specialist high density foam to prevent the Overlay sagging
• Suitable for anyone aiming to improve overall comfort, but additionally offers pressure relief for those at moderate to high risk of pressures sores
• Compatible with standard and multi-section bed bases
• Single bed sized

The 6cm (approx 2 ¼”) deep overlay is available in two styles:-

Regular moulded Overlay made of viscoelastic foam suitable for general use
Multibearing Surface to the lower third of overlay; this white foam is softer allowing increased pressure relief to higher risk areas such as the heels or ankles. The multibearing surface enables a better pressure distribution by transferring support from areas with low bearing capacity toward areas with high. Suggested choice for clients needing to spend longer periods in bed.

POLYMAILLE® Cover (included with all overlays)
• Zipped with a non-slip base to help maintain position on your existing mattress
• Specially designed to reduce tear and shear forces
• Washable up to 95 degrees Celsius and is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal


Viscoflex Mattress Overlay (From: £299.00 inc VAT )

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