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Visco Memory Mattress Topper

Wake up each morning, and feel fully refreshed. Ideal to place on top of a mattress that is too hard, or is in need of reviving.

Visco memory foam was originally developed for the NASA astronauts; it conforms to each part of the body, helping to alleviate painful pressure points whilst providing continual support.
  • Helps transform your sleep into a restful long relaxing night
  • Takes the pressure away from all of your bony bits
  • The overlay moulds itself to your body, distributing the pressure evenly
  • Reduces the need to turn and re-adjust your position throughout the night
  • Simply place the mattress topper on your mattress,
    under the sheet, and feel the benefit
  • 5cm/2” deep, and available in four sizes

Visco Memory Mattress Topper (From: £160.00 inc VAT )

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