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The SYSTAM® Back Support Cushion

This back support and pressure reducing cushion was primarily designed for use in wheelchairs, but many people have reported benefits in other chair types such as office style chairs; it can bring about a significant improvement in comfort, as well as improving sitting position.
It provides
  • Stability- sideways stability is improved due to integral side pads within the cushion
  • Comfort- eliminates pain in the back region which is in contact with the frame of the chair, and provides greater comfort than the existing backrest of the chair
  • Relief- provides significant relief from spinal pressure points, distributes pressure evenly, and reduces pressure peaks in the shoulder area
The cushion is made from viscoelastic memory foam; the white foam provides gentle support down the spine, whilst the blue foam provides a firmer support providing stability.
The back support cushion fits most wheelchair models. It adapts to most chairs with widths between 14" to 18" (36cm to 46cm)
The cushion measures 18" /46cm wide (at base), and is 20" /51cm high.
Complete with a two-way stretch cover, coated with polyurethane that breathes and is totally waterproof
  • Fits the shape of the body
  • Limits heat build up and perspiration
The cover can be washed at 40 degrees celsius and tumble dried on a medium heat.

The SYSTAM® Back Support Cushion (From: £79.99 inc VAT )

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