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Slings from Guldmann™

Specially designed slings from Guldmann™ make it easy, practical and quick for the carer to support the user while being lifted and moved from one point to another, as well as ensuring that the carer can undertake such operations with a minimum of effort and strain.

All Guldmann slings are designed for use with both mobile and ceiling hoist systems and are ideal for moving people to and from beds and wheelchairs, as well as in sitting and lying positions, as required.

Options are available for lifting and moving users with

  • Different abilities to participate actively
  • Different degrees of body control and muscle strength
  • Different degrees of mobility
  • Single and double amputations
  • Special needs

For both adults and children with different sizes and weights.

Features include:-

  1. Coloured loops : ensure symmetry in the lift
  2. Material: polyester- strength and elasticity with comfort
  3. Padding on legs : for extra comfort
  4. Information label : confirms size, style and advice

Each type of sling has an identified function(s) and recommended suitability.

Guldmann ABC slings- easy to choose, easy to use

Active - Lifting slings that require active participation of carer and user- designs includes Trainer, Micro and Micro Plus
Basic - Lifting slings suitable for most persons- designs include Basic Basic, Basic Low and Basic High
Custom  - Lifting slings to match special needs- designs include Sit-On, Sit-On High and Amputee

Other sling designs are also available including Leg Sling, Turner/ Twin Turner and Repositioning Sling.

Most slings are made from Polyester, with Net Polyester also available in some designs.

The maximum lifting capacity for all Guldmann slings is 255kg

Please contact us for pricing details.

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